Saturday, May 9, 2020

Tips for an accessible Monopoly Game

These tips are for making Monopoly accessible to blind and low vision players. The techniques can be used for any board game. I didn’t braille every single piece of information as some things like the price of properties and the full names are easily memorized and I wanted to use the regular sized print board. 

The only supplies I used were dymo tape, a Brailler and some braille paper. 

Dice are easy to read by touch. We put a mark in the center of the board so everyone can find the dice easily. 

For squares on the board I made a tactile divider between each square and put a braille initial above each. The initials are also color coded for our low vision players. 

If I needed it, I could have put the price in braille also. 

The property cards I Brailled with a shorthand of the name and rent amounts. 

Chance and Community Chest cards each have a number corresponding to a numbered list in braille. 

The money has each denomination folded a different way. 

Enjoy, but don’t land on income tax!!


  1. Nice job! Very practical tips.

  2. Thank you for these helpful tips‼ Do you have any tips for playing chess?