Monday, January 15, 2018

Little Cabin in the Big Woods

We got school and work off today to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Our family decided to spend the day at the cabin. 

The kids discovered that the icy snow was just right for making snow sculptures. Having recently watched a documentary on the Ice Hotel, they were keen to try their own artistic endeavors. 

Bean made a snow castle. 

We took the dogs, of course. Coco loved the cabin, as I expected. What’s not to like about woods and treats and walks and a ride in the car?

It takes a true Pyro to start a fire in the snow. I’d like to note that yours truly made this little beauty for the kids to “roast stuff on.”

Apparently roasting stuff mostly meant eating mini marshmallows out of the bag. 

During lunch, Hubby read to the kids. We are finishing Treasures of the Snow, set in the Swiss Alps, which seemed particularly appropriate for a winter cabin visit. 

Darkness comes early in the winter, so we lit candles and played games and fixed one-pot chicken and rice for dinner. 

I let the Littles eat up in the loft, which they thought was a fun treat. 

Munching Seth’s brownies, singing hymns together on the drive home... it was one of those rare days when the kids had sweet attitudes, the weather was perfect, the cabin cozy and warm. Life really doesn’t get much better. 

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