Thursday, December 21, 2017

Coco Dog

Look who I have! This is Coco, a 5-month old German Shepherd pup that I’m going to puppy raise with a potential to train him as a guide dog for myself. 

I decided to go with owner training for a whole bunch of reasons, one of which I get to puppy raise and bond sooner. 

Also, the red tape with having a vision impairment that doesn’t fit the usual legal criteria is really difficult to navigate, and this solves some of that too. 

I’ve researched owner training and it looks completely do-able. Also, owner trained guide dogs are covered by the same access laws. 

So this guy gets to be my shadow for a while and see if he has what it takes to train when he is old enough. If not, we’ll find a new home for him and try again.

And Coco, in his first few days home had these items to share with our readers. 

I am currently planning to play it safe and NEVER step off the rug. Not even for that piece of kibble that I really really want. #CocoDog

How to play with a squeaky toy:

1. Stick it to the Velcro on your Cone of Shame. 

2. Pause to contemplate the Universe. 

3. Flip it so the end is in your mouth. 

4. Squeak and enjoy. 


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