Saturday, January 28, 2017

Best Couch Fort Ever

Hubby and I decided to get a new couch. The old ones were hand-me-downs and were so stained and ripped I couldn't stand them any more. 


The kids helped me take the feet off in preparation for moving them out. Once they were tipped, everyone realized they would be fun to play with. 


They started out with blanket roofs. But those fell off 

Different configurations were attempted. 

Finally, tipped on their fronts, they made a perfect little cave. Right about that time, the truck showed up, and they had to go. 


Once the new couch was inside, however, the realized how much more space there was in the living room. First, they slid on the hardwood floor, then they had a dance party. After that, they got out the trains and made a big track. 


We opened up the new hide-a-bed and tried it out. 

I love the sense of wonder that kids bring to everyday happenings. 

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