Saturday, January 28, 2017

BIG Puppy


As expected, Fezzik is getting bigger. But he is still only five months, so still very much in the puppy-chew-everything phase. 


We are all working with him on respect, on not mouthing us, on only chewing up his toys. 


He is out of a Great Pyrenees and Pyrenees-Mastiff (we think) so it's important that he learn good manners!!

Best Couch Fort Ever

Hubby and I decided to get a new couch. The old ones were hand-me-downs and were so stained and ripped I couldn't stand them any more. 


The kids helped me take the feet off in preparation for moving them out. Once they were tipped, everyone realized they would be fun to play with. 


They started out with blanket roofs. But those fell off 

Different configurations were attempted. 

Finally, tipped on their fronts, they made a perfect little cave. Right about that time, the truck showed up, and they had to go. 


Once the new couch was inside, however, the realized how much more space there was in the living room. First, they slid on the hardwood floor, then they had a dance party. After that, they got out the trains and made a big track. 


We opened up the new hide-a-bed and tried it out. 

I love the sense of wonder that kids bring to everyday happenings. 

Snowy Cabin Visit

We took a sunny day to go up and check on the cabin. 


Like home, it had several feet of snow there. 


The temperature was low enough to freeze even the cooking oil. 


We built a fire, and soon it was pleasantly warm. 


We didn't stay long. As we were leaving, the winter sunset was beautiful. 



Snapshot: Bedtime Cuddles


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Snow Ice Cream



Winter Evening

Kids doing homework and reading books in front of a nice, cozy fire. 


And of course, photobomb!


Rock Climbing


Can you find the eight year old blind kid 50 feet in the air? I can't even see her when she is up there. Good thing the staff don't know I'm belaying by feel!

This kid LOVES rock climbing! 


Luckily, we live in a university town with a giant climbing wall. 


Bean loves to climb, and he is strong and agile, but he gets scared at about 15 feet and wants to come back down. It frustrates him to no end that his sister climbs higher than he does. 


Mister inherited my not-so-strong physique, so climbing isn't as attractive for him, but he gave it a good try. 


Curly enjoyed it but didn't fall madly in love like Abi did. 


I'm not a prophet nor the son of a prophet, but I have a feeling we'll be here again. 

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Not What I'd Planned For New Years

The day before New Year's Eve, I took a bath. While in the tub, an ant crawled out of a hole in the moldy caulk next to me and said hi. That was it. I started tearing off the disgusting shower surround that night. 

Poor hubby was not planning to do a DIY project over New Years but he reluctantly started hauling old Sheetrock out to the garbage, and he was invested. 



It was icky. The mold alone makes my stomach churn. 

We washed it all off, put up more plastic sheeting, and bought cement backerboard just before the stores closed for the holiday weekend. 

Hubby put up backerboard, while I took the kids to a nearby hotel to get them out of his hair. And to take a shower. 


When the stores reopened after the holiday, we bought porcelain tile and started hanging it, even though we had about half a clue what we were doing. 



I wanted to re-use the old faucet, so I soaked it in vinegar over night, trying to remove the hard water scale. Instead, it removed some of the chrome, so that was a no-go. But I still shined the knobs, and we found a replacement faucet at the hardware store. 

Some friends from church had a tile saw, and let us come over and use it, although with the outside temperatures at 19° and dropping, we had a hard time keeping the wet saw from freezing. 

As it was, we had to melt ice off the tiles before we could install them. 


The next problem to be solved was the faucets. We ended up just having to buy a hole saw with a diamond blade, and created our own mini wet-drill in the bathroom. 



We got the holes cut, and miraculously we had measured correctly so they were in the right spot. 


Next came grout and our anniversary. We took a shower down at Hubby's gym, and went out to dinner. 




Next came caulking and installing the newly-shined old knobs, and actually new shiny spout. 


A little patch on the wall by each end of the tub was water damaged. We fixed the flow problems and patched the wall. 




Tomorrow, we'll caulk and paint around the edges, seal the grout, paint the wall, and best of all, take a shower!

Updated: final pics!


(Oh yeah. Clean up...)