Monday, September 12, 2016


She is reading "Little House on the Prairie," AR grade level 4.9. Pretty good for entering third grade and not being a native English speaker. 

This bears out my theory that if a Braille reader gets equivalent support to a print reader, a Braille reader can become equally fluent. Braille is not in itself more difficult as a medium than print. Braille readers merely lack support, quantity of instruction and the attitude that they are expected to succeed, like print readers are given. 

I'd say Abi is a very average learner, who is motivated to read and has been given the same instruction and support as I gave my print readers when I taught them. I wish every Braille reader was given the same opportunity instead of being told Braille is hard and that they won't be as fast or fluent as a print reader. 

I don't write this to brag on my teaching abilities or to criticize and struggling Braille readers; not at all. I merely want to point out what is possible. I would love to see every Braille reader get equal instruction to print readers. I'd love to see teachers get the support they need from schools. Some print readers struggle, and some Braille readers will too. But it would be great if fewer struggle merely because of under instruction and learned failure. 

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