Monday, September 26, 2016

Learning Lots


Seth deconstructing an old stereo that was sitting next to our neighbor's trash can. 


Kids spending a happy Saturday making Bean Dog houses out of the recycling. 


For history, Seth and I are watching a World War II documentary, and we bought Axis and Allies to play as well. 


Abi and her friend J have been doing weekly O&M lessons, and both girls are gaining good independence skills. 


Curly had her first soccer game. She has asked to play for several years and is thrilled to finally get the chance. 

At group piano lesson, the kids often mime playing on a notebook to learn the finger movements. Her teacher uses a method called Simply Music, which is working great for her. 


I don't have as many pictures of Bean, although I do go help out in his first grade class each week. He loves school and is doing really great in first grade. 


Abi is the kiddo with all the activities this year! Here, her ballet teacher shows her an arabesque. 


She has been practicing writing with a slate and also writing print using a pencil. Both useful skills in the future. I figure the more tools she has at her disposal, the better. 


Writing with a pencil involves learning to make letter shapes with muscle memory and using paper with raised lines to keep her place. 


Bean is playing soccer again for his third season. He loves it, and is getting pretty good at dribbling and passing. I'm grateful for our non-competitive community league that promotes fair play and good sportsmanship over winning. 


Abi and I constructed a tactile town set out of craft supplies, and we make maps of the routes she is working on for mobility. 


Crocheting is fun, but also therapeutic when Abi needs something to keep her fingers busy. 

As you can see, we have a lot going on! Each week is full of happy, fun days. 

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