Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Jeans quilts

This week I made two quilts out of old jeans I'd been saving. I tried to piece large pieces so they would go together quickly. 


The second one is nearly done. I'll tie it with embroidery thread and sew the binding and it will be finished. 


I backed both of them with fleece to make a soft, heavy, sturdy blanket. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

End of School!

Another school year is done!


Miss Curly finished fifth grade and will move on to middle school. 



Her sweet teacher held a "transition party" for the kids. 

Curly got straight A's on her report card too. I'm really proud of how hard she has worked this year. 


Little Mister finished third grade by age. I'm having him take a practice ISAT test to see where his skills are right now. I know he's still miles ahead in math, average in general knowledge and reading, and behind in writing and sports. My out-of-the-box kid. I adore him. 


Abi-Lou is done with second grade. She handled the mid-year transition to homeschooling really well. Her strengths are reading and creative writing. I think her biggest weakness is her tendency to get into a rut and just operate on auto-pilot. It's one of her coping mechanisms. But she has progressed wonderfully in reading this year. I'm proud of her. 


Bean, my little Kindergarten graduate, has plowed through Reading Eggs and Mathseeds online this year. They are super introductory reading programs and he has worked hard. He is more gifted athletically, although he is plenty smart. But he does have to work at learning, and I am pleased with his progress this year. Next year, he wants to go to the Charter school with his big sister. 

Kindergarten Graduation for Bean




Super silly Bean. Love him so much!