Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bottle Bunnies

Our doe rabbits were supposed to have their babies in the doe box. We bred them in a rotation and marked the calendar. 

It turns out one of the does was actually a buck. The result was a nest in the big cage on May 9, and six of the eight babies died. 

In an effort to save the last two, I brought them in and tried again to bottle feed. 

May 10. Day 2. I called them Nibble and Squeak. 


May 11. Day 3.


May 12. Day 4.


May 13. Day 5. 


I fed them Kitten Milk Replacer mixed with half n half or heavy whipping cream, and warmed. A medicine dropper and goat nipple with only a pin hole in the tip made a good bottle. 


May 14. Day 6. 


It was at this point we lost Nibble. She got chilled in the car when she wasn't on their heating pad for a while and she didn't make it. 

May 15. Day 7. 


May 16. Day 8. 


May 17. Day 9. 


May 18. Day 10. 


At this point Squeak was getting much more mobile and eating a bit more. We expected him to open his eyes any day. 

May 19. Day 11. 



To keep him safe from the house cats, I keep his little box in an unused bird cage. 

May 20. Day 12. 


I took Squeak with me to our church's Women's Retreat. This time, I took the car power converter and plugged in the heating pad the whole time so his cardboard incubator stayed warm. 

May 21. Day 13. 


May 22. Day 14. 


May 23. Day 15. 

It was at this point that we decided Squeak must have an infection preventing him from opening his eyes. We applied antibiotic ointment and gently massaged his eyes open. 


May 24. Day 16. 


So far, Squeak is doing really well. He survived the car trip, and is eating like a champ. This week, I'll crumble some adult rabbit droppings in his box since kits start solids with those to build the proper bacteria. 

I'm crossing my fingers that this guy makes it!


May 25. Day 17. 


Adult rabbit droppings, aka processed hay. With good gut bacteria. 

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