Friday, April 29, 2016

Rainy Cabin Dinner


In spite of a steady drizzle, we headed up to the cabin for some projects, relaxing, and dinner. 


When we first arrived, everyone was chilly, and the stove wasn't hooked up yet. Soon, though, we had the stove pipe hooked up and a good fire going. 


The kids sat by the wood stove and played games. Hubby and I puttered around. I took a shovel and hand graded the road where the delivery truck had put ruts. Because of the rain, the ground was soft and easy to fix. 


Hubby cooked dinner. We've discovered that a one-pot dinner makes a quick and easy cabin meal. 


After dinner, we opened and installed our Smart Splitter. I'd found this gadget online in an attempt to find a tool that I can use and that's safer than an axe. We were beyond pleased with the results. It was easy for both of us to use and won't fly into anyone's foot. 


The kids stayed busy with indoor activities, and as Bean says: "This was a great cabin, Mommy."

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