Saturday, April 2, 2016

Privacy gate and shelf

We discovered people have been using our road to access the property next door, so we hung a minimal fence and sign. It's not a big deal, but we'd rather they not use our road. 

This shelf on the right is my new brain-wave: a shelf specifically to hold coolers and groceries. It occurred to me that whenever we use Mom and Dad's cabin, the counters and table are completely covered with groceries and coolers, along with the kitchen floor. It creates problem when it comes to food prep because fixing food for a crowd is part of cabin fun! So, here I made a dedicated place so the groceries don't have to live on the table. 

The ladders each have a place against the wall to live when we aren't using them, and that clears some floor space too. 

A kind neighbor trimmed our plum tree for us (he likes that we give him the plums every year), so we cut up the branches and brought them up for kindling and firewood. 

The weather, if it stays dry for a couple of weeks, will be perfect to move the cabin up the hill. Can't wait!

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