Thursday, March 24, 2016

Creeping Toward Warmth

Our cabin still sits at the bottom of the driveway. The delivery guy offered to come move it, but I'm worried that the ground is so soft he'll end up tearing our road all up. So we wait. 

We have its home marked out at the top of the hill, ready for it. When the spring rains stop. 

Meanwhile, we are still doing projects inside. We'll take all the furniture out when it's time to move it. Until then, we have the fun of "nesting." Or maybe "pre-nesting!"

We built the second loft ladder today and tidied all the boxes and garbage. 

An overhead picture shows the one-room floor plan of the main room. A couch and toy basket, folding table, folding chairs, wood stove and little kitchen area makes a cozy, workable space. 

In one corner, a makeshift composting toilet offers emergency facilities, although I still need to make a privacy curtain. Eventually, I plan to either build an outhouse or get a fancier composting toilet. 

Upstairs, the eight-foot loft fits all the kids nicely, both for sleeping and playing. 

I've added some touches of whimsy, such as a few favorite knickknacks that I inherited from Grandma Doris. They remind me of her and put a smile on my face. 

Of course, a few things are new, or rather new to us. Everything came from thrift stores, but a coffee sign with a towel hook on which to place an old-fashioned flour sack towel? Definitely us!

In true tiny house style, I've hung the minimalist utensils in order to save space in the kitchen. 

Future projects include insulating and finishing the walls, creating a mosaic behind the fireplace on the cement board, and starting on the outside stuff: a covered woodpile, a swing and slack line for the kids, and a campfire ring. Then, let the summer revelries begin!


  1. So fun! This cozy little cabin will be absolutely perfect for summer nights.

  2. Your cabin looks so nice and cosy! You will have a great summer, making wonderful memories! I just love how little it is!