Tuesday, February 23, 2016

First Fire

Cutting cement board for the heat shield. 

Stove pipe installation. 

Checking the fit on everything. (This pic makes it look like the pipe is touching the wall. It's actually about ten inches away.)

Time to light it up! Aaahh warmth. 

Smoke rises. Smells like the cabin. 

Monday, February 22, 2016


Butane stove, teapot and coffee. Important step in making the cabin Hubby-friendly. 

Potbelly stove. Yet to be installed but still so cute!

Firewood. Or at least cleanup from deadfall. Stinky, but it works. 

Queen of the mountain. The last of the snow is almost gone. 

Reassembled couch (well, almost) and basket of toys. I even found a Spirograph like we had at the cabin when I was a kid. 

The site. Between those two boards is the final destination for the cabin. Once the ground dries out, we'll move it up here. 

The Chalkboard Table

Some friends visiting from Oregon got to be our first guests at the cabin. My project was to cover an old door with chalkboard paint and hang it horizontally on the wall. I added detachable legs to the front so it's a table when they're there, but folds down against the wall when we need more space. The kids love the wide expanse of chalkboard, and for them, growing up in this era of white boards and video projectors, it's a novelty too. 

Kitchen shelves and a hole in the roof

Sawing through 2x4s with a hand saw is a lot of work! But I did it several times to create some extra shelving in the kitchen area. It still looks au natural, but it's beginning to come together into a useful space. 

Hubby finished the hardest project yet: cutting a hole in the roof for the stove pipe. With no power tools!

We are pretty excited to install the stove, because it's chilly! And yes, Dad, we are taking a fire extinguisher. :)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Tiny kitchen and ladder

Sanding in preparation for sealing. Matt cut a hole for the sink, which we got for $10 from the habitat store, and installed a drain. 

This weekend I built a ladder to reach the sleeping loft.  It was a fun excuse to use the table saw to make the dado joints for each step. 

It's a dark picture, but you can just make out the potbelly stove on the left. Installing the stovepipe and heat shields for that comes next. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Cabin

It's here! We couldn't move it up the hill because of the snow, but we got it and we can do little things like install the sink and stove pipe fittings. 

It was fun watching the driver deliver it. He had a trailer that just about did everything except wash your dishes. 

When the snow melts, he'll be back to haul it up to the final site at the top of the hill.