Tuesday, January 12, 2016


In the last post, I wrote that we had baby bunnies. Well, now we have baby bunny. Just one. 

Because we needed to muck out the bunny cage, we had to move the nest. And we didn't know which doe was mama. One of the ones we chose as a likely candidate ended up scattering the babies out of the nest. Two died over that first night, but one was still alive in the morning. Barely. 

I warmed him in my hands, and fed him some half n half using a twist of paper towel to suck on. 

My cousin, who has a small, organic farm, suggested a Pritchard nipple. We bought one, along with some Kitten Milk Replacer, suggested by Uncle Google. 

Every morning, when I check on him, and find him still alive, I'm amazed. Everyone I've talked to says that bunnies are really, really hard to bottle raise. 

He sleeps in a small box with a scrap of fleece to burrow into, and a heating pad on low. He's in a bird cage so the other pets can't molest him; at least that's the theory. 

Today was day 4. Taking it one day at a time. I call him Taco, because wrapped in a blanket in my hand, he looks like a little soft taco. But Matt says Taquito fits better at this point. 

And isn't that tiny ear just adorable?

Update: Little Taco only lived seven days. I miss him terribly. 

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