Saturday, August 29, 2015

Friends Around The World

The absolute highlight of the South Africa trip was staying with friends. Not only did they act as tour guides, but they spoiled me and refreshed me emotionally and spiritually, which was so needed!

Ash and I met years ago chatting on Twitter and with a mutual love of Covert Affairs and other shows with blind characters. She introduced me to Kris, and we all bonded over commonalities like homeschooling, Christianity, knitting, movies and just being kindred spirits! 

I highly recommend visiting locals if you can! They made the trip so low-stress and easy for us. Plus, we just had plain fun, talking each other's ears off and goofing around, watching Into The Woods and singing all the songs in the car, enjoying all the animals and each other's children... just such a treat. 

Kris is a fabulous cook, and she taught me a few of her favorite dishes: roasted beef and root veggies, which I tried once I got home. 

We had one bit of drama the day before we left. Missy G fell out of a tree and hit her head hard enough to black out for a minute. She was fine afterward, except for stiffness and bruises, but she gave us a scare!

Despite the late winter, both their houses were absolutely lovely, and we so appreciated their hospitality while we were there. 

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