Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Schooly Decisions

Every year, we wrestle with what is best for each kid as far as school goes. At the very least, we want to make a thoughtful decision, because education is important!

Here's what we've decided this year. 


Curly thrived at the Charter School last year. The classroom environment, the hands-on, group oriented, science/arts based teaching style and great group of kids was a perfect fit for her. It's a no-brainer to send her back. 


Mister will homeschool again. Because he is miles ahead in some subjects (8th grade math), and a bit behind in others (1st grade handwriting), and isn't particularly socially needy, homeschool continues to be a great fit for him. Bonus for me: he is really fun to teach!


Abi was the big struggle this year. I enjoy teaching her, and we feel that academically, she has higher expectations at home, BUT this has been a rough year. Because of the surgery and PTSD, she struggled to learn at all this spring, and has actually regressed some. Add to this, her intense neediness has both burned me out emotionally and has taken a lot of time and attention away from the other kids. 

We decided to enroll her in school this year. She will get more therapies there and will have a set schedule and routine. Whether she progresses academically or not, she will not do much worse than she did last spring. Her therapist thinks it will be a positive thing both for her and for the rest of us to have some time away each day. She won't feel the pressure from me to "be okay" and I will have a break from her intense neediness, and so will the other kids. 

We have been working all summer with the school district to enroll her in the school close to our house (but we are out of their zone by two houses) where her friend J goes who is also blind. We are still crossing our fingers it works out. 


We debated putting Bean into Kindergarten at the local school, but finally decided to homeschool him too. I enrolled both boys in a local homeschool co-op that has social time, PE and some enrichment classes, and I'm excited to teach the boys myself for the rest of the week. Teaching reading is one of my favorite homeschool subjects, so this fall should be a lot of fun. Also, Bean will thrive on one-on-one attention. 

So there's the plan as it stands now. Fall is coming soon: only six weeks away. 

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