Sunday, July 19, 2015

Friends At The Cabin

We invited the two families that I fondly call "My Theater Friends" to the cabin. I met both families last fall doing Anne in the community theater. They are both social, laid back, have kids the same ages as ours, and best of all, say "yes" when I invite them to the cabin! Woo hoo!

Although we only had a couple of days, we managed to pack in plenty of fun. :)

Our family started out at the CdA beach with the Petersons (not theater friends, but good friends who live in CdA). 

Then, we headed on up to Mom and Dad's cabin, where the "Theater Friends" were meeting us.

There were the usual cabin-y things like skipping rocks. 

Riding bikes. Walking the dog.

Sitting around. 


Taking tubes to the river. Where else but Northern Idaho can you still ride on a tailgate for the 500 yards to the beach?

Tubing and swimming at the beach under the bridge. 

Therapeutic parenting. Yes, you do that on vacation too.

Celebrating a birthday. 

Enjoying these memory-making days. 

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