Monday, July 13, 2015

Abi's Baptism

When our pastor announced an upcoming baptism in the river, Abi jumped at the opportunity. The pastor asked her why she wanted to get baptized, and she answered simply, "because I love Jesus."

This sweet girl has loved Jesus since her nannies told her as a tiny child how Jesus loves her and was taking care of her. And he has cared for her in pretty miraculous ways, even keeping her alive as a baby when she easily could have died. 

Despite all of the struggles she's had, her faith shines so brightly. It's beautiful to see. 


  1. Hi! Just discovered your blog! Looking forward to catching up on your posts! Is there one post you would recommend where you answer questions about raising a blind child? My 3 year old son was born blind and definitely always on the lookout for other families with similar stories :)


    1. Hi Jules,

      If you look under the tag "blindness" you'll find some good posts. Also, I'd be happy to email with you and answer any questions you might have. My email address is in my profile. :)