Saturday, June 27, 2015


The annual week of VBS rolled around, and like I mentioned last year, it always feels like a time to notice milestones. 

This year, I had a little in each of the four age groups. For the first time, Bean and Abi weren't in the same group. Curly is with the oldest kids and next year is her last one. How time flies!

Abi's had a rough year. I decided that in spite of all that, she would do okay without me there helping and hovering. Mostly, I knew I needed a break. Also, it would be a test for going to school in the fall. She did fine for the first three days, but struggled on the fourth, and on the last day begged to stay home with a runny nose. A good try anyway. 

Mister, my least social child, had fun but the intense activity and noise stressed him out. I could tell he was tired at the end of each day. 

All in all, everyone had fun. Bean and Curly act like they're in their native habitats. They get to run around and do activities and scream their heads off and compete in their groups. They love it. 

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