Saturday, May 16, 2015

National Shovel Out the Schoolroom Day

I'm finally, finally, finally starting to feel better! 

Of course the first thing I have to do is clean! Actually, I've needed to work on the school room all spring. But with the surgery, the fallout from that, the big trip, the prosthetic... I just haven't gotten to it. 

Now, hubby and I attacked it this weekend with all the energy we could scrape together. We moved a bunch of school supplies to the basement, and transformed most of the room into a bedroom for Little Mister. He is my organized, tidy child who likes to keep his stuff in order. I think he'll enjoy having his own space again. 

Curly's desk, that was buried under a pile of junk, was cleaned, and her room got an overhaul as well. She is the child who tends toward messiness. Every so often though, a big clean-out and reset helps for a while. 

My favorite part is mailing back all the K12 stuff. Getting duplicates of everything in Braille results in a LOT of stuff to store! It's nice to be done with it and send it back. 

Mostly, it's nice to feel better. :)

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