Friday, May 15, 2015

Boonee Brown Eye

A one-day trip to Spokane turned into a three-overnight stay to get Abi's second prosthetic made. We spent hours and hours waiting while they tried over and over to fit the prosthetic she'll into Abi's socket, which had grown around a damaged, over-large eyeball. Finally, they had to redo it entirely. 

In between fittings, Abi and I were pretty much stuck in downtown Spokane, not my favorite place to be stuck. I'd chosen to do the trip myself so that Matt could work and Curly could stay in school. After missing so much for our Cali trip, we didn't think missing more was a good idea. 

I stayed with some wonderful friends, but the trip ended up being extremely stressful. Watching your seven-year-old child have to sit for three or more hours at a stretch while being poked in the eye is hard. Being stuck downtown, having the process not go well, not always having the right food, and worst of all, having Abi become anxious and upset to the point of confusion was almost more than I could handle. I got home and crashed pretty hard, struggling with both depression and a nasty cold. 

There are times when I am simply not strong at all. 

I was disappointed in the finished eye. Her right eye looks great, and I'd assumed they would match, not realizing her sockets had grown so differently. 

But as you can see, they don't match well at all, something I notice every time I'm close to her. It's a small thing, but it's just one more thing I'd hoped not to have to battle in my struggle to parent her. 

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