Saturday, May 30, 2015

I Like Him.

Ethiopian Platter

We had another feast, and this time I remembered to take a picture!

With the beautiful weather, we ate outside and had a picnic. Hubby did a coffee ceremony for our friends too. It's so fun to share Abi's culture with people. 

Friday, May 29, 2015

BARD mobile

Can I just mention how much I love the BARD mobile app? With a membership to the Library of Congress Talking Books program, we have access to thousands of Braille and audio books. 

I haven't yet become jaded by all the books that aren't there, like many blind people I talk to online. For me, who had no accommodations growing up, the books that are there are all marvelous. 

I love looking up a title, downloading it in a matter of minutes, and listening to it immediately. It's still magical. 

Snapshot: Heartbreaker

This kid is so darned cute, I almost can't stand it!

End of First Grade

We are done with first grade for Abi, and at last done with all the extra red tape involved with the IDVA. 

Here's a quick video of Abi reading one of the poems from "Chicken Soup With Rice"

"Luke, I Am Your Father"

The only thing that's almost as good as watching Star Wars for the first time is watching my kids watch it for the first time. 

Yes, I'm raising good little nerds. 

Snapshot: Brothers

These two used to loathe each other. Well, to be honest, the loathing was more one-sided, as it was mostly coming from Mister. 

You see, Mister would build something intricate, and Bean would knock it down. 

Now that both are older, Mister has more patience, and Bean has more to contribute. They're beginning to be friends. I love to see it happening. 

This Old Man

I can't leave out Little Mister! He played first at his piano recital, and though it was scary, he did just fine. 


I think it would have been quieter if we'd stayed home for Memorial Day, but in spite of the crowds, we had a fun weekend with friends. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Spring At The Park

Two Teeth and Another Tooth

Two teeth in one day! For his "tooth fairy" money, he picked a two dollar bill. 

Tooth Loss counts:

Curly: 8
Mister: 6
Abi: 15
Bean: 3

Saturday, May 16, 2015

National Shovel Out the Schoolroom Day

I'm finally, finally, finally starting to feel better! 

Of course the first thing I have to do is clean! Actually, I've needed to work on the school room all spring. But with the surgery, the fallout from that, the big trip, the prosthetic... I just haven't gotten to it. 

Now, hubby and I attacked it this weekend with all the energy we could scrape together. We moved a bunch of school supplies to the basement, and transformed most of the room into a bedroom for Little Mister. He is my organized, tidy child who likes to keep his stuff in order. I think he'll enjoy having his own space again. 

Curly's desk, that was buried under a pile of junk, was cleaned, and her room got an overhaul as well. She is the child who tends toward messiness. Every so often though, a big clean-out and reset helps for a while. 

My favorite part is mailing back all the K12 stuff. Getting duplicates of everything in Braille results in a LOT of stuff to store! It's nice to be done with it and send it back. 

Mostly, it's nice to feel better. :)

Friday, May 15, 2015

Violin Spring Recital

Solo performance of Vivaldi's A minor concerto, movement 1.

Fiddle duet: Song of the Falcon Chief

Planting Flowers

While I've been feeling so terrible, Hubby has willingly taken over the Goomba wrangling duties. He never complains about this, and even enjoys the time with the kids, although I know it's a lot of work to get his hours in for his job too. 

Last week, he took the kids to the store, where they each picked a flower to plant to make our front porch look pretty. I thought this was so cute!

End of Year Concerts

This month, I counted at least seven different concerts and recitals and plays that my kids are scheduled to participate in. I remember my parents complaining if I had one, so it's probably a good thing they didn't have four kids! I'm amazed how quickly the number of year-end events has risen!

So far, we've attended about half of them, and enjoyed each, as much as I'm able with still feeling so poorly.

Abi did another tap recital.  

And Curly poses with her clarinet at the band concert. 

Grown-Up Silliness

Some theater friends hosted another murder mystery costume party, this time a 60s rock-n-roll theme. It was fun, but the numbness from the recent events prevented me from noticing or enjoying much. 

Boonee Brown Eye

A one-day trip to Spokane turned into a three-overnight stay to get Abi's second prosthetic made. We spent hours and hours waiting while they tried over and over to fit the prosthetic she'll into Abi's socket, which had grown around a damaged, over-large eyeball. Finally, they had to redo it entirely. 

In between fittings, Abi and I were pretty much stuck in downtown Spokane, not my favorite place to be stuck. I'd chosen to do the trip myself so that Matt could work and Curly could stay in school. After missing so much for our Cali trip, we didn't think missing more was a good idea. 

I stayed with some wonderful friends, but the trip ended up being extremely stressful. Watching your seven-year-old child have to sit for three or more hours at a stretch while being poked in the eye is hard. Being stuck downtown, having the process not go well, not always having the right food, and worst of all, having Abi become anxious and upset to the point of confusion was almost more than I could handle. I got home and crashed pretty hard, struggling with both depression and a nasty cold. 

There are times when I am simply not strong at all. 

I was disappointed in the finished eye. Her right eye looks great, and I'd assumed they would match, not realizing her sockets had grown so differently. 

But as you can see, they don't match well at all, something I notice every time I'm close to her. It's a small thing, but it's just one more thing I'd hoped not to have to battle in my struggle to parent her. 

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Festival Kids

More Renaissance Fair pictures. 

And lastly, Hubby at the end of the day:

Goomba Wrangling is hard work!

Shuffle Step

Abi and two friends got to tap dance at Renaissance Faire with their dance studio. Abi was pretty nervous, particularly about a step she couldn't quite remember. I asked her teacher to go over it with her at the warm-up, and she visibly relaxed once she got it.