Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SoCal Trip Day 9

Day 9 - Californa Adventure

Bean was excited to ride the giant Ferris wheel. 

Of course we rode the car that swings! Thank goodness for Dramamine!

The memorable part of the Cars ride was waiting in line for 80 minutes! Whoa! We couldn't get a fast pass, because the return time was later than we planned to leave. 

We decided that Los Angeles people do nothing but wait in line. The freeways, the restaurants, the theme parks, the WalMart... They all had insanely long, slow lines. 

While we waited for Cars, we made up little games and told stories and passed the time as best we could. Once we were done, we waited in line to get ice cream!

Next, we rode the carousel, but the fountains in front of it ended up being more fun. 

We finished the day with the big Aladdin stage show. 

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