Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SoCal Trip Day 7

Day 7 - Rest Day

We were all so tired we lounged in bed all morning. 

Abi's stinkerhood reached new lows when I called the kids to come eat breakfast: muffins that Daddy had made. She ignored me and refused to come eat when the other kids did, so in an effort to push back, I just let her stay in bed. She was expecting a personal invitation and some coaxing, but instead she simply got to skip breakfast. When she figured it out, she was dismayed, but when the call to lunch came, she didn't ignore me! 

I took a walk to the nearby WalMart, where I found Disney souvenirs for a fraction of the price they would be in the park. 

In the evening, the plan was to drive to downtown LA to explore, but instead we ended up getting stuck in rush hour traffic. So we settled for Chinese food and a narrated movie while we crawled back down I-5. 

In the evening, Matt downloaded "A Little Princess" on his phone to read to the kids. Part of this choice was due to the fact that he and the kids absolutely loved "The Secret Garden," and partly because our little Princess Abi could use a little of Princess Sara's attitude that princesses are polite! Mostly though, it's just a wonderful, magical story, perfect for our magical adventures this week. 

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