Wednesday, April 29, 2015

SoCal Trip Day 6

Day 6 - Disneyland

For nearly an hour I stood at the counter at City Hall trying to get working audio description devices. It turned out to be worth it, though, because we got Fast Passes to a bunch of the big coasters. 

While I waited, Matt took the kids around Main Street. The barbershop quartet hopped onto the street car they were on and sang Disney favorites. 

I actually took a picture of the device's number. As in THIS ONE DOESN'T WORK. I'm thinking we may not bother with them for our subsequent days. Nice idea, but not well executed. 

Later, Abi and I waited in line for... you guessed it: PRINCESSES! Princess Rapunzel to be exact. Abi's favorite. 

Abi loved visiting her and proclaimed to anyone who would listen that she, Abi, was also a princess. (This turned out to be too much of a good thing as she was crabby and demanding the rest of the day, wanting all of our attention and pampering.) 

Today, we wanted to ride some of the big coasters: Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain and Splash Mountain. Curly called them The Mountains and I think Abi was the only one that actually enjoyed them. The other kids were all scared. Little Mister was so scared on Space Mountain that he cried. Oh well, guess maybe when he's older he might like them. 

We rode the Riverboat, drove the cars, watched Star Tours again and rode Alice in Wonderland and the tea cups. But the absolute highlight of the day was eating dinner in the Blue Bayou restaurant, right inside the Pirates of the Carribbean ride. 

After dinner, we tried a few more rides, but the kids were pretty tired. Abi in fact was so tired she started to cry, an act that seemed to me more princess dramatics than actual exhaustion. Since she still had the energy to be a stinker, I kind of took the whole thing with a grain of salt. 

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