Tuesday, April 28, 2015

SoCal Trip Day 4

Day 4 - Rest Day

On this day, we hung around our host home and took a day off. We did laundry, fixed food and slept in. A local park provided the kids with a place to get the jitters out. 

In the evening, a dear friend, FemmeCa* came to our host home. We've been friends since before Curly was born and have had a promise to meet whenever my family made it down to Disneyland. 

As proof of how much fun we had, we completely forgot to take a single picture! Not a selfie, nothing. Oops!

Matt fixed a big spaghetti dinner, and enjoyed chatting with Mr. FemmeCa. And Femme herself gave Curly a bunch of beads to make earrings and enjoyed meeting all the kids. 

We all tucked in early, ready for our first Disney day in the morning!

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