Monday, April 27, 2015

SoCal Trip Day 2

Day 2- Sea World

After the disappointing hotel room, we were glad to leave LA and drive south to San Diego. What in the world did we do before Google Maps? It is so nice to be able to input a destination, and get turn by turn directions that generally get us there. They haven't been perfect, but they sure have helped!

Watching the Shamu show, we were ready to get splashed!

The dolphin/aerialist show was my personal favorite. It's not often my cynical expectations are completely blown away by a performance, but that one did!

So much of what Sea World has to offer is behind glass, I was delighted to find these toys of all the animals. We spent a good quarter of an hour looking at each animal, after we'd gone around to the tanks and she couldn't see them and got bored. 

Bean and Curly pooled their souvenir money to buy a giant stuffed Orca. Now we just have to get it home on the plane!

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