Sunday, March 8, 2015

Birthday and Mardi Gras

For my birthday, some friends offered to keep the Goombas so that Matt and I could go on a date. 

We still aren't letting Abi go to Sunday School or anywhere because she regressed so much emotionally after her surgery. So we were hesitant to accept the babysitting offer, especially when our friends decided they wanted to walk with the community theater in the Mardi Gras parade. (Yes, our town has a Mardi Gras parade the first weekend in March. Yes, we know it's not Mardi Gras.)

We talked long and hard about whether Abi could handle the afternoon or whether we should just take her with us. We've done that before!

Eventually, we decided to give it a try. Our friends have a daughter with special needs so they are familiar with some of the pitfalls and things to watch out for. We gave them instructions on how do deal with Abi and strangers, then we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best. 

It turned out that she did fantastic! Jessica kept a close eye on her and did not let her get manipulative or weird. She and the other kids had a ball in the parade. And we enjoyed a longer date than we've had for years!

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