Monday, February 23, 2015

There, but not quite

Physically, Abi has recuperated remarkably quickly. She reports that her eye rarely hurts, and seldom asks for pain medication at all. There is still some swelling that causes the conformer not to sit correctly, but she says it doesn't really bother her. 

Emotionally, she isn't bouncing back so quickly. She is a moody little mess, one minute happy, the next morose. In trying to process, she'll report seeing light, while the next minute she's demanding attention and sympathy for being blind. 

I have to admit, I don't handle all of this well. Not at all. I swing from sympathy and understanding to frustration and anger. I know all too well the terrible dangers of self-pity, so the least hint of it causes flares of anger within me that I have to grapple with in order to interact with her. This morning I woke unreasonably early, frustrated over an incident in Sunday School the day before. The day went pear-shaped from there, and finally a migraine drove me to rest in a dark room for a while, just to get away from the quiet intensity that is Abi. 

Matt, of course, continues to be our rock. Although he's busy with work most of the day, he'll let a kid or two play in his office, talk Abi around when she's tearful, and bring me a plate of scrambled eggs to go with the migraine meds. I so love and appreciate that man!

I used the time resting for bible study and prayer. Mostly prayer for Abi, and for us to have wisdom in parenting her. I pray for my other kiddos too. It's not easy to have a sibling with special needs. Sometimes, it's almost harder on them. 

It's not easy, but we take it one day at a time, always with the hope that tomorrow will be a little smoother than today was. 

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  1. It will all simmer down. You've all been through so much and it's February. NOTHING good happens in February. Children and parents hate each other in February. Wait until March and a bit of Spring will help. xxxlllll