Friday, February 6, 2015

School, Dates and Crazy

A few photos from this week. 

Curly's "First Day of School" photo. Typical to our family, she is doing this in February instead of September...

Mister and I went on a date. We ate Mongolian BBQ and then watched Paddington. Man, I love that kid!

I love all my kids, but some are certainly easier to parent than others. You can probably guess who these "Frozen" shoes belong to. Yep, the one who slid down the slide into a puddle, dumped her popcorn all over the floor, pretended to sleep in an inward-tantrum fit of boredom...

And last but not least, this one. This one who is thriving in his new world of No Preschool but Yes Kindergarten. His Reading Eggs program is now on the iPad, and he is rockin' the phonics. He thinks he is absolutely the shizz. Because, well, he is. 

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