Saturday, February 7, 2015

HGTV, Girl Style

Three friends and I spent our Saturday morning in the shop making a project. Because we're all busy moms of many children, we rarely take time to do something like this, so it made the time extra fun. 

Using old windows, we scraped off the loose paint and weathered wood. Here, Rami was worried that there was more paint off than on. But then we decided that was just part of the charm. 

We taped off the glass and sprayed clear Varathane over the wood. While it dried, we got lunch and coffee! We also had to go to the hardware store and to Michael's for supplies. 

Jessica's posing with the hand drill. We drilled pilot holes and screwed chain to the top of the windows for hanging. At one point during the hardware installation, Rami said, "This is so fun! I feel like we're on HGTV!"

Once they were all finished and the glass was clean, we used scrapbooking corners to stick the pictures to the back of the glass. 

And here's Anna's finished project. They turned out so cute, and so individual, since each one of us used different pictures. Bonus: it was a fun morning hanging out together! 

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