Saturday, January 3, 2015


During our break, Hubby and I decided to work on our house. We knew from experience that if we got bored, we'd fight, but working together goes much more smoothly. Also, our house was feeling a bit cramped and cluttered, which usually means that a little freshening and rearranging is in order. 

The first thing we did was replace the leaky bathroom faucet and shower head. 

Then, we repainted the big upstairs bedroom and moved Hubby's office, as well as Mister's homeschool desk up there. 

I used my electrician skills to replace the low-hanging fan with a simple light fixture. 

Our next business was to declutter and organize the basement playroom, including the creation of a Lego room. Hey, even a small house needs priorities!

I've also continued making progress on my hand quilting. Slow but steady. 

We've had a really nice vacation, although we're ready to start the spring semester. The best thing is that our little cottage is spruced up and feels fresh and bigger again. Using space efficiently and keeping down clutter means that the six of us can live quite comfortably in a small cottage, although it might be able to use a little more tweaking. More on that later!

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