Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving in Oregon

We went to Hubby's folks' farm for Thanksgiving Day. All of his siblings were there plus his cousin, along with everyone's families. What a crowd!

The day after Thanksgiving, we drove on over to Portland to play for a bit, and to see some friends who had moved there. 

Along the Columbia River, we stopped to see a few sights:


And of course Multnomah Falls. We hiked  up to the bridge. Abi loved the pounding of the water, but Mister said the spray got into his eyes. 

Once in Portland, we enjoyed hanging out with our friends, going to the OMSI, getting good coffee, going to Powell's Books, riding the MAX train, playing Minecraft with some really knowledgable players, and having lots of restaurant good. 

A funny story about Bean on the MAX train: he was talking to a lady who was sitting neaby, and she asked him questions. He was hilariously serious in the answers he gave.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

"A guy who pulls teeth?"

"Do you ever play basketball?"

"No, because I'm small."

"Are you visiting here?"

"Yeah. We're from Moscow, Idaho, which is like nine hours, but now we live in the hotel."

"How old are you?"

"I'm just five."

"What else?"

"Your lipstick is really bright but your teeth are pretty and white."

"I like your curly hair."

"Yeah, it just grows that way. Is your hair curly?"

"No, it's straight."

For a long time, Hubby has wanted to attend an Anglican Church, so on this trip, we did it. After the service, which was beautiful, the kids made an advent wreath. 

On the way home, we stopped in The Dalles to visit "The Oldest Bookstore in Oregon" est. 1877. Little Mister looks unhappy because he came down with the flu and a 103° fever. Poor guy. 

This collage that I made on Facebook pretty much sums up our day of driving! We are glad to be home. 

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