Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Putting Together A Play

My life has been absolutely overrun by community theater the past three weeks. When I signed up to do it, I'd had enough theater experience to know that it completely takes over your life for a while, it's long and hard and frustrating and fun and crazy... and totally addicting.

We got scripts...

... and started blocking scenes using the auditorium in the high school. Nice, because it's two blocks from my house.

It was sometime in here that I volunteered to sew puffed sleeves on a dress. One dress.

Since then, I've...
-Added puffed sleeves to red calico dress
-Made a muslin pinafore from scratch
-Added organdy puffed sleeves to blue fancy dress
-Made green flared skirt from scratch
-Altered green calico shirt
-Made brown "taffeta" skirt and jacket with lining from scratch
-Altered satin blouse, changed the collar, added lace 
-Made two lace brooches
-Fixed white hat and added flowers
-Altered pink tulle fancy dress and added sleeves, lined yoke
-Resized red calico dress
-Replaced zipper in brown fancy dress
-Mended and replaced zipper in brown dress, added Velcro and hooks
-Made blue skirt from scratch
-Resized denim overalls
-Replaced a zipper in a blue fancy dress
-Resized green skirt
-Resized blue skirt
-Resized green blouse

I love to sew, but I'm going to be ready for a bit of a break. All of that didn't mention the usual family mending and teaching a homeschool sewing class to ten-year-olds.

We did the parade, as mentioned in a previous post.

The next Saturday, we spent most of the day at the Kenworthy Theater helping build the set.

Cordless screwdrivers.

As soon as we moved in, literally before the paint had dried on the set, we were rehearsing.

A lot of downtime (for me) between scenes results in silly backstage photography, like in this masterpiece showing off J's sexy old-lady glasses.

Then, you have the 10:30 PM "I'm Tired" selfie at the end of a really, really long tech rehearsal.

Our director, Troy, has been tireless, sewing costumes, planning everything, and making sure every detail comes together. I've enjoyed getting to know some of the "regulars" too, like JT, the Stage Manager.

On a day when we couldn't get into the theater, we ran lines as fast as we could in a community room. Motivation to get home early helped to speed the rehearsal until it became a comical farce of "who can deliver lines the fastest?"

Tomorrow night... Dress Rehearsal!

Opening night on Saturday.

I need a nap.

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