Friday, September 19, 2014

While Riding

Out at the barn, Curly and I work with Hazelnut. She is doing well, and Curly and I love her to pieces. We have more things we want to teach her, and it's always a fun project.

Because Hubby drives, everyone always comes with us. Hubby brings his guitar, and loves the dedicated time to work on his song. Lately, since Abi's eye bleed, he has been bringing the ukelele for her to play with and teaching her some songs on it.

The boys are busy building forts. Using scraps of wood and metal roofing, they have been constructing various structures as well as learning to pound nails and drive screws. I love to give them a chance to play with that kind of thing!

Bean loves the freedom and the outdoors. All the kids do! 

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