Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy 5th birthday, Bean!

Bean invited his brother along to his traditional birthday lunch. I was surprised, since those two don't often get along. Then, I remembered that one of the reasons they don't get along is that Bean adores his big brother with a noisy, overwhelming passion, not always to Mister's taste. I think Bean scored points by inviting him to lunch. 

Curly made Bean's cake. That's Fluttershy the pony on it, which is Bean's current favorite cartoon character. He got to pick the flavors, and he picked strawberry cake with lemon frosting. We were all a bit concerned that it would be a strange combination, but it tasted like strawberry lemonade, and was actually quite good. 

For gifts, Bean got a Thomas train and some track, a balloon animal kit, lots of glow sticks, a few clothes and miscellaneous small things. 

I forgot party hats, so we made balloon party hats!

We got out all of the glow sticks and had a huge glow-party. There was a ring toss, glowing lanterns, and a game involving Mario coins that the boys made up at lunch. I love it when they take care of the party games for me!

Happy birthday, Bean! We love you so much!

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