Friday, September 12, 2014

Curly and Homeschool

Curly is so extroverted, I worried that she would be miserable doing homeschool. I try to set up social time, but it's usually only weekly. 

We had a long talk at the beginning of the year, and she decided that the benefits of all the free time she'd have homeschooling outweighed the drawbacks. 

So far, she has done really well. 

She knows that the additional time and money that isn't going toward private school can go toward the horse. She loves that!

Yesterday, we had plenty of time to ride our bikes over to the fair to watch the rabbit judging. 

This morning, doing math in her pajamas next to the heater, she told me that she much preferred it to a hard desk! I had to laugh, because I remember similar feelings about the desks at school!

Of course, there are always drawbacks, like a curious puppy that thinks kisses are vastly more important than math...

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