Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Barn Dweller

Our barn has an occupant!

This isn't the horse we were planning to get; it did not work out with his owner. He was a sweet horse, and I miss him, but it wasn't going to work to own him. 

Instead, we found this darling, dainty quarter horse mare who needed a home. When we looked at her we thought how perfect she'd be as a 4H horse, and we were drawn to her calm, sweet temperament. 

She doesn't have as many hours of riding as I'd like, so before I let Curly ride her, I'm going to have a trainer friend come finish her. 

Still, getting to know her has been delightful. Curly named her Hazelnut. She follows us around like a puppy and I can tell that Curly loves her to pieces. 

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