Thursday, September 25, 2014

Abi Quotables

This may *look* like a stylish pink visor. It's actually a front bumper to try to reduce goose eggs on Abi's forehead! Style is a bonus.


Also, Abi has been on a roll lately with the cute things she says. Here are just a few:

Abi: "Daddy, is it dark outside?"
Matt: "Yep. It's almost night."
Abi: "That means the sun is getting ready to visit Ethiopia. It's packing up. Bye sun! Have a good trip and I'll see you tomorrow!"


Me, when studying Braille vocabulary: "What is dot-5-R?"
Abi: "Right! Like when Emily Elizabeth is hiding and Clifford can't find her and she says, 'I'm RIGHT here!' Like that!"
Me: "And 'here' happens to be dot-5-H."
Abi: "Like when Emily Elizabeth and Clifford get to the library or to the school, and then Emily Elizabeth says HERE we are, Clifford! We are HERE now. Like that?"
Me: "Yep."


Me, teaching about states of matter: "If we freeze water, what does it make?"
Abi: "Ice!"
Me: "And if you melt the ice, what does it make?"
Abi: "Water!"
Me: "And if you heat the water more, what does it make?"
Abi: "Food!"
(I love homeschooling.)


And lastly...

Abi: "Mommy, I'm glad Jesus got me such a good family."


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