Monday, August 18, 2014


This morning, we dove in and tried the full schoolwork-list method. Several things became apparently obvious. 

1. Curly loves lists. She was happy and humming all morning. 

2. Mister HATED it. He was overwhelmed and whiny. He needs more autonomy. The problem is that Curly cries "unfair" when she has a list and he doesn't. This needs some serious problem-solving. 

3. All the kids working on a list at the same time results in bored Bean (read whiny, mischievous Bean), and too many simultaneous demands on my time and attention. I was trying to help Abi read a new book, treat my bee sting, fend off Bean's many questions, and correct the spelling on Curly's writing all at the same time. It did not work. 

I need to stagger the attention to each kid, and make sure Bean has something to do when his usual playmates are occupied. 

I need to figure out how to give Mister the autonomy he needs without frustrating Curly too much. 

Time to put on my thinking cap! Stay tuned. 

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