Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Schooly Ponderings

Buying math workbooks today, (Curly requested an actual workbook to work through this fall) and convincing my children that they really do want to use a reading list to choose literature. Mister has decided he wants to learn algebra. He spent the whole time during horse chores making up math puzzles, like 45 + X = 50. X = 5.  So I got him a playful "intro to algebra" workbook along with the 5th grade math workbook he can use this fall. At this rate, he'll be into calculus and differential equations before he has two digits in his age! (I'm joking. I hope he takes his time and learns each concept thoroughly. But he LOVES math.) Curly is going to do fifth grade math too, but she is more excited about art and her horse. 

For both of them, we decided together that science was going to be more physics-heavy this year. We did so much biology, anatomy and earth science last year, and I happen to love physics. Simple machines, trajectories, force, motion... It's gonna be fun. :) 

Bean wanted a workbook too, so I got him a "counting to 30" book. I'm curious how this is going to go! So far, he is doing great with Reading Eggs, so he might take off with math too. 

Abi read three little books for me today. Her reading speed has jumped a notch this month. I'm really pleased, because she needs to get more vocabulary, and it wasn't going to happen at the snail's pace that she was reading. 

For her math, we've been doing a lot of money counting, calendars and telling time, but I need to get back onto teaching addition. Note to self. Time to buy a pack of M&Ms and start adding!

I think all the back-to-school buzz has infected our house too. I wonder when our official "first day" will be? The day we're at the swimming pool all day, probably. 

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