Sunday, August 10, 2014

Meadow Creek 2014

This year, the Littles got to join us at Meadow Creek! I thought they were going to jump out of their skins from excitement!

Getting ready to take six people hiking was a lot of work! I also was struggling with health issues that made it harder. 

Finally, Friday night, there were six packs, six sleeping bags, six sleeping pads, two tents, and plenty of food!

Ready to hike! I was a little worried about Abi on the trail, but we figured out a method to guide her in which we tied a long hiking pole onto Little Mister's pack, and she hung onto the other end, along with using her cane. They went slowly, but she did fantastic!

We only hiked about 1/3 mile, and once we arrived on the little sand bar where we like to camp, the kids spent the whole afternoon in the creek. 

As expected, the kids stayed up until the stars came out, giggling, telling stories, playing with their head lamps. 

At one point, Bean's head lamp flashed around the tent so fast that Hubby dryly said, "Look, we brought a disco ball."

In the morning, Hubby wanted to try being the chef. Using the little whisperlite camp stove is fun!

At lunch time, we packed up to head out. A few miles to the east, the Johnson Bar fire was sending smoke to cover our camp site, and we were ready to start for home. 

Despite the smoke and despite me not feeling up to par, we had a good trip. The kids had a ball, and I love introducing them to the backcountry. 

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