Sunday, August 17, 2014

I love fixing up this old barn

Lots of barn work today! (happy me) I worked there with only Curly and we installed all the electrical. Then later, Hubby and the kids came and we did some of the heavier stuff. The kids had a ball pounding nails into scrap wood. 

Rabbit holes dug out. 
Electric fence charger installed
Wires run from charger to both fences
Non-sturdy wall reinforced
Hole in the wall fixed
More bee nests killed
Old boards moved 
Old rusty nails picked up
Lots of thistles removed
Roof screwed back down
Door installed next to hay
Electric fence turned on and tested 
Concrete slab cleaned off
Gap in fence jury-rigged solution
More insulators installed where fence touched a tree

I can't explain why I love this old barn so much. It has certainly seen better days. It sort of has memories of its previous owners, who happen to be friends of mine, and that feels a little awkward. But it seems like if this little old barn had a personality, it would be happy to be useful again. In spite of its crooked walls and peeling paint, it has such a delightful way of welcoming me in, making me feel relaxed, as if I just put on an old pair of slippers and relaxed into a favorite chair. 

I am impatient to bring Rogan there. I can imagine him exploring the pasture, enjoying the grazing, playing games with Curly in the round pen, trying to steal a mouthful of hay over the stall door. 

I keep reminding myself that it's only a few more weeks and we'll be ready for him. A few more piles of stuff to move. A few more wheelbarrows of muck to haul. 

Speaking of muck, I finally got through all the layers of chicken yuckiness to the floor of the stall. In one corner. 

It's gonna take a lot of wheelbarrow loads to get all of that out of there. Not that I mind much. Just part of the project. 

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