Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fun With Bees

This is my normal hand. 

This is my hand on histamines. 

Sunday afternoon at the barn, I accidentally nailed an electric fence insulator into a wall that had previously been claimed by a nest of wasps. One of them punished me for it, and I've paid the price all week. 

Benadryl. Ice packs. More Benadryl. Hydrocortisone. More Benadryl. 

I think I only just woke up. 

Little Mister got stung on Tuesday while climbing our big willow tree in the back yard. As a precaution, we went ahead and took him into the ER, although thankfully this time he didn't go into anaphylactic shock. 

Ok, Mommy, your blood pressure can go back down again!

And in a very anti-climactic finish, Bean got stung twice and didn't react at all. 

Thank goodness!

Hubby bought three new bee traps yesterday and hung them up. 

Battle is joined. 

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