Wednesday, July 30, 2014


An indie bookstore in our community hosts a month-long Waldo scavenger hunt each July. They end with a party and costume contest at the bookstore. 

This year, because the kids love Waldo, they begged to dress up for the contest. I agreed to help make them some costumes. 

A few supplies from Wal-Mart and a day of sewing and crafting, and we were off and running. 

Abi was Waldo. Curly was Wizard Whitebeard. Bean was Woof, and Mister was Odlaw, the bad guy reverse Waldo-spelled-backwards. 

The bookstore served cake, and then held the costume contest. 

Quite a few little Waldos, along with a smattering of princesses and an alligator lined up. 

Little Mister won a gift card, and so did a couple of other Waldos with fun Waldo-y glasses. 

And that was that. 

We didn't qualify for the raffle since we didn't visit enough businesses around town. 

We did head next door to enjoy Gyros for dinner. 

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