Monday, July 28, 2014

Barn Work

As I mentioned a while back, we have a horse family member now. We bought him from Curly's riding teacher, or rather my mom helped us buy him! Anyway, Curly's teacher asked to keep using him for students for the rest of the summer, and we agreed. 

Once fall comes, we'll move him to the barn and pasture we've rented. I'm absolutely thrilled with our arrangement. The rent goes to support Peniel Crossing, a ministry I wholeheartedly endorse. 

We also have a nice old barn and grassy pasture to use for Rogan. It couldn't be better. 

The barn had previously been used to house chickens, so it needed some work to get it back to horse-mode. Also, the pasture fence was in sad shape. 

We've been out there in the evenings working on it to get it ready. Rather than being a burden, it has been a lot of fun! Matt and I really enjoy working together. I love the farm-type work, and to his surprise, so does Matt. It's a nice change from programming. The kids poke around the barn and have a great time nailing old boards together and so forth. 

Tonight I finally remembered to take some pictures of our progress. I built an inside door to the stall to keep Rogan out of the haystack. Luckily, there's plenty of scrap lumber around. 

We have a fence! A church friend and his boys put the whole fence up in one morning. In exchange, I plan to teach a home-ec class for his daughter, who is Curly's age. A good, old-fashioned barter. :)

We have all of our hay snug and dry. The July thunderstorms came through right as we were getting it moved, but now that it's done, the weather's beautiful. Typical. 

We opened up an outside door to the horse stall. It had been blocked in with random old windows for the chickens, but we took those out again. 

There's still a lot of work to do. Several lumber piles need to be moved. 

The inside of the stall still needs to be finished. At this point it's about half chicken coop and half garbage. 

One more really cool thing: I drove!!! For the first time in almost four years. I wore my new special tinted lenses. I didn't feel comfortable driving with kids, but I could see well enough to be safe, at least for the five minutes it took to get from the house to the barn. I doubt I'll do it again, but it was kind of cool.

I'm looking forward to spending more time out here. I love working here. 

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