Monday, June 16, 2014

Cabin/Silverwood Trip

Photos from a family trip this weekend. Fun memories. :)

Playing Clue on a homemade board, and eating chocolate chip cookies.

Nice new deck that Mom and Dad put on the cabin last summer. 

Yes, we even brought the bunny. I'm not sure what I was thinking, but it turned out fine. Curly was thrilled. Hubby... Not so much, although he said he didn't really care. He's become accustomed to our traveling circus. 

The kids have grown so much since this same picture two years ago!

Throwing rocks in the river. 

Hubby got some nice skips. The kids just picked up the biggest rocks they could find and lobbed them into the water. 

Even though the weather was drizzly and cold, it was still beautiful. 

We built a fire on the beach where someone had left a ring. Then Curly and Mister fished for a while. 

Mister's casting gets better every year. Except for a catch-and-release incident with a bobber, they didn't see any action. I'm blaming it on the enthusiastic spaniel that shared our beach and dove into the river to fetch a toy that it's owners threw. If I was a fish, I doubt I'd have stayed. 

Small Bean, big bridge. 

Fritzie found one of Cousin Chewy's rawhide bones. After working on it all weekend, he succeeded in gnawing one corner. 

Enjoying ice creams. Hubby's philosophy of camping is that good food always makes it better. 

On the train at Silverwood. We'd bought tickets with a group of homeschoolers and got in for about half-price. 

Curly LOVED driving the car. Abi drove too, and let me tell you, there is a reason they don't let blind people drive. She bumped us every which way against the track! I've never had a rougher ride, but her grin when she finished was worth it. 

The kiddie coaster was a hit, although the Littles were both tall enough to ride the big coasters with us this year. Abi in particular discovered that the roller coasters "tickled her tummy," and she couldn't get enough of them. At the end of the day, she agreed to be my buddy and ride Tremors, since I love the wooden coasters. 

The Frog Hop ride gave satisfying tummy tickles as well. 

At the restaurant near the end of the day, we ordered spaghetti, and spent the waiting time taking pictures of one another making silly faces. 

Garfield. Lasagna. 

Some good friends who live in Coeur d'Alene took the animals for us while we were at the theme park. The first thing Fritzie did when we got him back was fall asleep. He'd apparently had all-day fun with their kids. 

My kids all fell asleep in the car too. I'd say we successfully wore them out. :)

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