Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Busy Summer Learning

The younger three and I took the bus to the Dollar Tree and spent a few allowance dollars on toys. The kids all handled their own money. 

Then, it was on to the indoor park to play with the new toys, and home again on the bus where Curly fixed French Toast for lunch. Yum!

Right after lunch Curly, Mister and Bean walked downtown with me to watch the Summer Matinee, which was showing "How to Train Your Dragon." Some friends were there, so of course we went to Friendship Square Park to play for a while. Since we were downtown, a cookie (for them) and a coffee (for me) didn't hurt!

At 4, we had the kickoff for the Food Co-op's "Growing Up Gardening" program, which we are THRILLED to participate in. The community garden is much sunnier than our yard, so we are hoping for much success in the veggie department. (A side note: Why learn about photosynthesis in February when you can learn about it in June and July in your own vegetable garden?) :)

Directly after gardening, we picked up TacoTime and drove out to Palouse. 

Curly has the opportunity to work with a little mare called Burlington, who is something of a newbie at the Parelli Natural Horsemanship method. She is a sweet little thing, though, and Curly enjoyed her time with her tonight. 

While Curly played Parelli games with the mare, I took pictures of the gorgeous Palouse sky. 

After all that, we were glad to head home, do a few chores and go to bed!

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