Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Making Reading Fun

With Miss Abi, I've had to be more deliberate in practicing reading than I was with the other kids. Sighted kids see letters everywhere. Unfortunately, encountering Braille takes daily effort. 

I've chosen a lot of Dr. Seuss, because the silly rhymes capture her attention and the bright pictures are fun even though she can't make out the details. 

Figuring out how to pair the refreshable Braille display with my iPhone has had the interesting side effect of inspiring the teachers of two other blind kids in town to do the same thing. Maybe we can shove local blindness education into the twenty-first century, starting with the homeschoolers! The irony has not escaped me, since homeschoolers are supposed to be backward and behind the times. 

Saturday, she won a "Frozen" book at the Daddy-Daughter Dance at church. I added some Braille synopses and song titles to the book. Because she adores the movie, she has read these words over and over this week, adding a few more vocabulary treasures to her repertoire.  

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