Sunday, May 18, 2014


Sometimes I forget to take a minute and reflect. I was reminded of this today when an adoptive mom whose kids have only been home a month was sharing some of the trauma and triumphs of her sweeties. I think about us at only one month and still shudder at the memories. It was so, so hard. Hard in a way that no one who has never done it can ever understand. 

I look at how far Abi has come, and I look at how I've grown. If I went back to that first year, I probably would just sit and hold Abi. She had so much healing to do. I did sit and hold her a lot, but I wish I had done it more. 

Looking at her now, two and a half years later, I'm blown away at how far she has come. She knows now that she is OURS. I can't explain in words the miracle that lies behind those words. But she does. And I know that she is mine. Her hair smells right when I snuggle her. 

In spite of a bad day every now and then (we call them pouty days), she is calm and happy. Emotionally, she has nearly caught up to her chronological age, although there are sure to be hiccups. Whatever those hiccups are, they don't scare me like they once did. We'll weather the storm together. 

(The title of the post is a nickname we call her: a hybrid of "Abi" and "hallelujah" we say it aww-bee-loo-yah.)

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